Unbelievably Good Vanilla Pancakes

White Wings Unbelievably Good Vanilla Pancakes are vegan and gluten free.
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Free
No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
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Not only are our Vanilla Pancakes full of tasty goodness, but they also just happen to be vegan and gluten free too!

Make your baking even more magical with our range of gluten free flavours...

- White Wings Gluten free flour Self Raising

- White Wings Gluten free all purpose flour Plain

banana pancakes
Pancake Mix: maize starch (sulphites), rice flour, modified tapioca starch (1442) (sulphites), sugar, linseed powder, raising agents (341, 450, 500), thickeners [415 (soy), 464 (sulphites)], salt, vegetable oil, natural flavour (sulphites). Serving Size: 130g (2 slice) Servings per Pack: 6 Allergens: Soy|Sulphites Product claims: No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Gluten Free, Vegan Suitable Storage instructions: Store in cool, dry conditions at or below 25°C. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients
Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:850kJ
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:650kJ

Protein, total

Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:4.2g
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:3.2g


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:-
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:-

Fat, total

Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:2.2g
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:1.7g


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:<1.0g
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:<1.0g


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:40.6g
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:31.2g


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:6.0g
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:4.6g


Avg Qty Per Serving Prepared:460mg
Avg Qty Per 100g Prepared:350mg
< means less than