White Wings Cake Mix Red Velvet Cupcake 365 g

White Wings Cake Mix Red Velvet Cupcake 365 g

There's Magic inside Easily bake a classic and favourite dessert with White Wings Red Velvet Cupcakes mix. Perfect for birthday parties, this cupcake mix is quick to prepare and includes a frosting mix as well.
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Make birthdays memorable with a delicious dessert that you and your guests will love. White Wings Red Velvet Cupcakes is complete with a cupcake mix and a frosting mix, allowing you to easily bake these heavenly cupcakes in no time. Great for baking beginners, this mix is free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and can be used to bake a red velvet cake as well. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Bake the best red velvet desserts with White Wings Red Velvet Cupcake mix. With both a cake and frosting mix included, this is a great option for parties.
red velvet cake
Ingredients: Red Velvet Cupcakes Mix (Sugar, Wheat Flour (Thiamin, Folic Acid), Vegetable Oil (Emulsifiers (471, 477, Soy Lecithin), antioxidant (320)), Cocoa (2%), Natural Flavour (Milk), Raising Agents (500, 341, 450), Salt, Natural Colour (120)). Cream Cheese Frosting Mix (Sugar (maize or Tapioca), Cream Cheese Powders (11%) (Milk Solids, Sugar, salt, antioxidant 307b), culture), Cheese powder (Milk solids, maltodextrin, cheese (milk, Salt, culture), Salt, Mineral Salts (339, 331), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Food Acid (330)), vegetable oil (antioxidants (304, 307b)), salt, natural flavour (milk), food acid (330)).

Contains Soybean and its derivatives, Milk and its derivatives, AX, and Wheat and its derivatives.
May contain Tree nuts (Nuts) and its derivatives, Eggs and its derivatives, and Sesame Seeds and its derivatives.

Storage Instruction: Red Velvet Cupcakes & Frosting mix best stored in cool, dry conditions at or below 25°C.

Proudly Australian made from at least 75% Australian Ingredients

Product Claims: No Artificial Colours. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavours

Serving Size: 62g

Suitable for: Vegetarian

Nutrition when Prepared
As per instructions on pack
Average Quantity per Serving
% Daily Intake (per serving)*
Average Quantity per 100g

Energy (kJ)

Average Quantity per Serving:900kJ
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:10%
Average Quantity per 100g:1450kJ


Average Quantity per Serving:3g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:6%
Average Quantity per 100g:4.8g

Fat, total

Average Quantity per Serving:11.1g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:16%
Average Quantity per 100g:17.9g

- saturated

Average Quantity per Serving:5.1g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:21%
Average Quantity per 100g:8.2g


Average Quantity per Serving:25.4g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:8%
Average Quantity per 100g:40.9g

- sugars

Average Quantity per Serving:17.4g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:19%
Average Quantity per 100g:28.1g


Average Quantity per Serving:285mg
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:12%
Average Quantity per 100g:460mg